The new 2017 Infiniti QX60 is certainly going to one of the most talked about and his vehicles demanded as soon as it is released. This is because it is expected a large number of superior features that make especially superior in the market. One of these features is a superior looking outside, which is characterized by various modern and elegant features. On the inside of the 2017 Infiniti QX60 has good-looking attributes including stylish, modern and technologically-oriented functions. To keep pace with the market and to provide the buyer with a better driving experience, the car gets improved fuel economy and a more powerful engine.


2017 Infiniti QX60 - Exterior and interior
Makers 2017 Infiniti QX60 have to give a sharp look to make the vehicle better suited and focuses particularly attractive for relatively young customers. 2016 BMW M6 Interior and release date The primary attributes on the outside of the new car is a big refreshed grille and a bumper with a modern design that makes it look elegant of the 2017 Infiniti QX60. The modern LED headlights have a sharper look, where they extend to the dashboard and help leaner in the manufacture of the vehicle look, while at the same time improving energy efficiency and the driver better visibility especially while driving at night. The vehicle is to be newly shaped air vents that pass air into the engine for cooling purposes. Another notable external feature on the car is a change in the positioning of the rear lights, which have been raised by a few inches, to increase their effectiveness and give back a fresh look. The rear also gets a rear window defroster, which is placed on the rear fixed window and coordinated with the rain sensing wipers, which are placed on the windshield. The size of the wheels has remained the same as those that were used by the previous model, but the suspension and brake clips enhanced to improve driving dynamics. It is also an improvement over the body of the vehicle, where to increase with modern light materials fuel efficiency.

The interior of the 2017 Infiniti QX60 comes with several modern attributes, spacious seats, which does not cover all the premium leather with the intention of improving comfort. The distance between the seats is in such a way that there is sufficient space for everyone and still plenty of space left to accommodate people who need to provide some luggage. It was confirmed that the interior of the vehicle has a refreshed relaxing atmosphere, which is provided by the fine trim. There are also a number of connectivity options such as USB Relationship slots, iPod slot, smartphone integration, 2016 Honda Accord coupe release date XM Satellite navigation and a newly enhanced Web Link carports operators. Occupants of the 2017 Infiniti QX60 easily enjoy quality entertainment by the Upgrade infotainment system and use cool indoor temperatures by the new improved climate control unit. The interior also gets a new steering wheel, which is more sensitive.

2017 Infinite QX60 - Engine and Performance

It is a conventional gas engine, and a hybrid option when it comes to the engine. The hybrid version is a 2.5 litter four-cylinder engine works with a 15 kW. The engine has the ability to generate a total of 265 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque in order to make one of the most powerful engines in the market. The engine is available when four wheels drive and has an eight speed transmission, which is automated.

2017 Infiniti QX60 - release date and price

Most of the features of the 2017 Infiniti QX60 special support and as a result is expected in the first quarter 2017 with a starting price of around $ 36, 000 released.
The new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is expected to be a modern and elegant SUV with a host of advanced features to be. As the first vehicle in this model was published in 2012, many developments have occurred on the vehicles they must be made suitable for the market. The new vehicle is also expected to undergo some improvements to make it even more ideal for the market. One particular area that experiences great improvement is the outside, walking with a fresh look. The interior also gets some improvements, which meant the vehicle more comfortable. Moreover, improvements are also expected on the engine, the vehicle with more power and increases provide the fuel efficiency.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - Exterior and interior

The appearance of this new vehicle is said that it is a sport SUV since most of the external features have an elegant feel. In order to increase fuel efficiency and speed of the car, are most of the features, including the general body with strong materials that are much more easily made. This therefore reduces the total weight of the reducing drag for better fuel efficiency and speed. The front fascia comes with a redesigned grille, which makes the car look more aggressive. There is also a large bumper that comes with the modern fog lights and large air intakes below the bumper. There are also modern restyled LED headlights to improve visibility, fuel efficiency and make the vehicle look more elegant. The vehicle gets brand new taillights on the back with the new as a more visible and make the vehicle look more aggressive. The exhaust system has also been upgraded, where the new vehicle now comes with a four-tip system. The wheels are most likely the same as the alloy wheels in the previous model were staying. However, the suspension system is upgraded to the vehicle with better driving dynamics. There are also three additional colors that provide buyers with more options to choose from.

The main difference between this new sports model and the usual model is that this new vehicle has a seating capacity of five with a seven-seat variant option. This means the interior is spacious, where there is also plenty of cargo space. The five seats are upholstered with fine leather and they are using the updated heating. These seats are equipped with security attributes such as seat belts and space for a child seat. The vehicle is also endowed with a modern dual-zone climate control system that automatically regulates the internal temperatures. In the vehicle, there is a new JBL audio system that works in harmony with modern infotainment system to provide high-quality entertainment. Modern devices such as smartphones can be connected to the vehicle through options such as wireless blue tooth, WLAN, 4G Internet access and USB ports.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - Motor and Power

The modern new car comes with a 3.3-liter engine with the ability to produce 231 hp and 245 lb-ft of torque. This engine is equipped with a six-driving circuit and operates with a six drive automated transmission. There is an improved fuel efficiency of this new engine that makes the car more economical and cheaper to maintain. The engine can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in six seconds and top speed is 175 mph.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - Release Date and Price

It is expected that this vehicle will be available in the first quarter 2017 with a base price of about $ 24, 950 for sale available.
The company Hyundai has grown to become rapidly a leading automotive supplier of innovative vehicles to the last decade. Lately, there is the establishment of sight of the most prestigious automobile brand in the Chinese market. By releasing all new 2017 Hyundai ix25 in the Chinese market, it seems to this challenge to the end. It's actually a mid-size crossover SUV that can establish control of other light switches around. A conceptual demonstration of this model was given in 2014 Beijing Motor Show. 2016 Audi S4 Release date and price Like all other companies, with this model it aims adolescents all the way through styling and designs. With such ideas company is making to increase sales. Countries such as Europe, United Kingdom and India are ready to get this vehicle.

2017 Hyundai ix25 - exterior and interior design

2017 Hyundai ix25 is certainly something fresh up gradations as well as some minor changes here and there. It is based on Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 platform very famous Hyundai Sante Fe same as based. Made small changes in dimensions such as length of 4.27 meters, similar to Mercedes A-Class, 1.78 meters wide, 1.62 height and 2.59 meters wheelbase. It is slightly narrower and even bigger one than the Mercedes. 183 mm will have to take the expected ground clearance. Let rumors suggest that is ix25 designs have similar next version ix35. Frontal fascia is quite bold swagger off sharp lights, less window line and unique grille. Rear is a bit sportier, together with voluminous pages. 2016 Hodan Crosstour Release date Chrome alloy wheels are installed with 17 inch size. Advanced LED lighting is equipped inside headlights and taillights for added visibility. Modern structure will be shown reduced by the use of aluminum, carbon fiber, etc, net weight, thereby decisive factors such as speed, power, fuel efficiency, durability, etc. body color options for customer choice available enhancement. Since only a prototype was presented, gets very less, be known about interior 2017 Hyundai ix25. As you enter, you can see smooth and simple materials appear. Cabin seems fairly simple with less show offs. High-quality leather with excellent cushioning makes these seats. Dashboard has curved shape which diverges through center console screen. Air conditioning vents are very vertical, in fact. Steering wheel has that feel distinctive brands. About five adult passengers inside offers enough comfort still leave plenty of legroom and headroom are housed. Load space really enough for me. You can be sure that the latest technological materials and equipment that can be installed inside, are made of high quality. Here are some things that might indoor upgraded navigation system, excellent infotainment system, dual climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

2017 Hyundai ix25 - Engine and Performance

A 1.4-liter gasoline engine produces 106 PS system and 135 Nm of torque or a 1.6-liter gasoline engine producing 118 hp and finally a 2.0-liter one - after deducting the 2017 Hyundai ix25 will come.

2017 Hyundai ix25 - Release Date and Price

Adding the CRDi technology, these engines to diesel variants. 2017 Hyundai ix25 is to price range between $ 13,000 (base model) and $ 20,000 (high-grade are) to have secure. With the second half of 2017 will see it.
For all true lovers of sports, muscular and powerful cars, Dodge is bringing 2016 Dodge Barracuda, which is going to push boundaries in this class of cars.

Changes and Features
2016 Dodge Barracuda is one of the most anticipated awaited replacement. New model to keep its distinctive style, but it will also suffer many changes. First new Barracuda will be made mainly of carbon fiber, aluminum and some other lightweight materials, so that it have a better overall performance and fuel economy. Whit these materials new model should Lighter for more than 250 pounds. If we look outside, we can a lot of changes, the stronger, more aggressive and muscular look to see this animal. 2016 Chevy Volt Release date The front grill and the front end will be redesigned, so that the vehicle looks modern and adorable. New model will be lower, so it will have to look slimmer. When it comes to the interior of the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda, it will be designed in a high level of sporty feel. The interior should be equipped with the latest technological features such as new infotainment system, new audio system, automatic climate control, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and more. It will also be equipped with the latest security and safety components.

Powertrain and services

When it comes to the performance of the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda, there are three engine variants for the moment. In this case, Barracuda will have a muscular engine and two smaller engines. One of the smaller engines is 2.4 liter 4-cylinder Tigershark engine, which is the most economical variant with low fuel consumption. The second, which is offered is the 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar. And the last, but perhaps most interesting is a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi engine. This engine is able to produce large 600 horsepower. All engines will be coupled with eight-speed manual transmission system. Also, all motors installed with rear wheel drive.

2016 Dodge Barracuda price and release date

2016 Dodge Barracuda is expected to come at any time in 2016, when it comes to the price of this animal, there has been no official announcement was empty. The price should be in the range $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 depending on the model.

This full-size Chrysler model is redesigned since 2004 with many improvements made in 2016 Chrysler 300 is expected to be unveiled in 2016th

Redesign of interior and exterior

As far as exterior design is concerned, new Chrysler 300 come with a few changes. Redesigned in this segment is the bumper, grille, supply and taillights. Headlights will suffer some minor changes. New model will be in new exterior colors; his whole appearance is updated. 2016 Chrysler 300 offer and redesigned multifunction steering wheel. Harga Lantai Kayu, Lantai Parket vs Lantai Vinyl  The wheels of the new model is 18-inch standard and could be upgraded to up to 21 inches. When it comes to interior design, cabin is new model have seats with more options. For mobile platform will be UConnect2 system. New model with 5-inch navigation system and a premium audio system come. 2016 Chrysler 300 is the same platform as the Dodge Charger, the new model.

2016 Chrysler 300 drive train

When we talk about new Chrysler 300, we must say that it is going to a brand new car. It is the current Chrysler 300 model to replace, but it will keep some of its engines. The base engine will produce 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 with the possibility of 300 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. 2016 Audi A3 release date Second engine option is 6.4-liter V8 Hemi able to 465 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque to generate. And one more interesting motor unit is the 3.0-liter diesel with the possibility of producing around 250 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. For all types of engines, new model will come with a new 8-speed automatic transmission. It will offer rear-wheel drive as a standard option and it will be optional all-wheel drive.

Release date and price

New 2016 Chrysler 300 should be on the market around the end of 2015. The price for the base model will be around $ 40,000 while the higher models will cost up to $ 80,000. 
2015 Ram Promaster Kota datang dalam dua gaya tubuh: Wagon dan Cargo van. The Wagon adalah kendaraan lima penumpang, sedangkan Cargo van memiliki hanya dua kursi depan dan diatur untuk mengangkut. Ada dua trim level untuk setiap gaya tubuh: dasar dan SLT untuk Wagon, dan Tradesman dan Tradesman SLT untuk Cargo van.

Peralatan standar pada dasar / Tradesman van termasuk roda 16-inch baja, keyless entry, power window depan, kain pelapis, AC, tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, bin overhead penyimpanan depan, 60/40 split lipat kursi belakang (Wagon saja) dan stereo empat speaker dengan USB konektivitas / iPod. 

Untuk Wagon SLT dan Cargo van Tradesman SLT trim level, semua peralatan di atas datang standar bersama dengan cermin tubuh-warna dan bumper, kekuasaan cermin dipanaskan, kaca privasi, terbungkus kulit roda kemudi, pengemudi penyesuaian lumbal, auto-dimming kaca spion, jok kain premium, honda jazz rs 2015 , cruise control, konektivitas Bluetooth, perintah suara dan Uconnect 5-inch touchscreen.

Paket pilihan yang tersedia termasuk kelompok Populer Peralatan (baris kedua power window, stereo enam speaker, kursi depan dengan pemanas), kelompok Belakang Back-Up Kamera (sensor parkir belakang dan kamera spion), Lampu dan Roda kelompok (16 roda-inci alloy dan foglights) dan sekelompok Tow Trailer dengan Kelas halangan III. Opsi Promaster City dilengkapi roof rail, partisi kargo untuk kargo van, jendela defroster belakang dan wiper / washer, mulai remote dan radio satelit.
Powertrains dan Kinerja

2015 Ram Promaster Kota ini didukung oleh 2,4-liter empat silinder yang menempatkan keluar 178 hp dan 174 pound-feet torsi. Ini dipasangkan dengan transmisi otomatis sembilan kecepatan. Diperkirakan ekonomi bahan bakar EPA untuk Promaster City adalah 24 mpg gabungan (21 kota / 29 jalan raya). Yang mirip dengan rival seperti Nissan NV200 dan Ford Transit Connect.

Kapasitas muatan dinilai pada £ 1.883 (Cargo van) dan, ketika dilengkapi dengan baik, kapasitas towing maksimum untuk Promaster Kota adalah 2.000 pound. Ford Transit Connect dapat menderek sebanyak Promaster City, tapi kapasitas payload Ford tops sekitar £ 1.700. Nissan NV200 dan Chevy City Express memiliki maksimum payload bahkan lebih rendah dari sekitar 1.500 pound.

Peralatan keselamatan standar pada 2015 Ram Promaster Kota meliputi rem ABS, traksi dan kontrol stabilitas, depan kursi airbag samping, airbag samping tirai, airbag lutut pengemudi, bukit-start assist, kontrol goyangan trailer dan mitigasi rollover. Sebuah kamera spion dan sensor parkir belakang adalah opsional.
Desain Interior dan Fitur Khusus

Par untuk kursus di kelas ini, Ram Promaster City memiliki interior yang dirancang dengan fleksibilitas dan kegunaan dalam pikiran. Dari kursi pengemudi, desain kabin sederhana, dengan sejumlah tombol dan kenop, dan ketersediaan sistem infotainment Uconnect Chrysler adalah plus. Kami datang untuk menikmati antarmuka Uconnect di sejumlah aplikasi lain berkat grafis yang tajam dan respon touchscreen cepat, meskipun beberapa fitur dimakamkan agak terlalu jauh di dalam struktur menu.

Untuk kapasitas kargo, versi kargo dari Ram Promaster Kota pasti mengarah kelasnya. Ini membanggakan 131,7 kaki kubik ruang kargo di belakang kursi depan, yaitu sekitar 3 kubus lebih dari Transit Connect dan 9 kubus lebih dari NV200. Dalam konfigurasi lima penumpang, yang Promaster City memiliki 74,1 kaki kubik ruang belakang baris kedua dan 101.7 kubus dengan kursi belakang dilipat.

Sebuah tinggi atap 51,8 inci dan sedikit lebih dari 48 inci antara wheelwells (cukup untuk memuat palet ukuran penuh) menjanjikan fleksibilitas yang luar biasa untuk jasa pengiriman dan lokakarya mobile.

2015 Promaster City juga harus membuat pekerjaan cepat bongkar muat kargo dengan pintu geser samping, 60 pintu belakang / 40-split (yang lebih kecil dari dua pintu terbuka tepi jalan) dan 21,5 inci belakang langkah-tingginya. Kedua pintu default pembukaan 90 derajat, namun dapat berayun 180 derajat penuh setelah Anda melepaskan kait engsel. Versi penumpang bahkan menawarkan baris kedua tempat duduk yang lipatan dan terjatuh ke depan.
Mengemudi Tayangan

Suspensi belakang independen multilink dan naik tinggi relatif rendah harus memberikan 2015 Ram Promaster Kota van kualitas perjalanan yang nyaman dan meningkatkan penanganan dan stabilitas van jangkung itu. Sementara kita belum diuji Promaster Kota belum, 2.4-liter empat silinder kemungkinan menjadi salah satu mesin peppier di segmen, dengan top-of-kelas tenaga kuda dan torsi. Wheelbase relatif pendek Ram juga akan cenderung berkontribusi pada pengalaman berkendara lincah dan mudah bermanuver di sekitar kota.

Penyebab mandul pada pria Ada banyak faktor yang menyebabkan terganggunya proses pembentukan sperma sehingga menyebabkan pria mengalami kemandulan. Dan kebiasaan yang menyebabkan mandul pria, merupakan kebiasaan yang sering dilakukan. Berikut kebiasaan-kebiasaan penyebab mandul pada pria seperti yang dilansir Blodsky oleh


Kadar nikotin pada rokok yang tinggi dapat mengurangi jumlah produksi sperma dan merusakya.


Obesitas ternyata dapat menyebabkan kemandulan, karena obesitas menyebabkan perubahan hormonal menjadi abnormal.

Steroid adalah hormaon sistetis yang dipakai untuk membentuk massa otot secara instan. Steroid mempunyai efek samping yakni bisa menyababkan tumor dan dapat mengakibatkan kemandulan.

Berendam air panas

Terlalu sering dan lama berendam air panas dapat menyebabkan kemandulan, hal ini sama dengan memangkiu leptop yang menyala.

Radiasi ponsel

Pada saat berpergian Anda sering membawa ponsel dan diseliplan pada saku celana, hal ini dapat mempengarusi tstis, jika terlalu sering dapat radiasi yang ditimbulkan oleh ponsel dapat menyebabkan kemandulan.

Celana ketat

Celana ketat dapat meningkatkan suhu pada testis dan hal ini dapat menyebabkan produksi sperma menurun.

Konsumsi Minuman Beralkohol

Alkohol merupakan minuman yang haram dikomsumsi bagi umat muslim, larangan ini tentunya karena dapak yang ditimbulkan dari alkohol itu sendiri. Dapat kesehatan yang ditimbulkan dari megonsumsi alkohol salah satunya kemandulan, karena alkohol mengurangi produksi testosteron, yang mengakigatkan berkurangnya produksi sperma.

Penyebab mandul pada wanita

(Penyebab ketidak suburan pada wanita)

Masalah ketidak suburan pada wanita sekarang ini terus meningkat. Hal ini disebabkan makanan yang tidak sehat. Wanita saat ini menjalani kehiduoan yang sangat sibuk sehingga memaksa mereka melupakan pola makan sehat. Jajan diluar boleh saja asal jangan sembarangan, Berikut makanan yang dapat menyebabkan wanita  infertilitas (ketidak suburan pada wanita). Dikutip dari Boldsky oleh

1. Kedelai.
Kedelai atau makanan yang mengadung kedelai dapat menyebabkan kemandulan pada wanita. Bahkan berdasarkan penelitian terlalu banyak mengonsumsi kedelai dapat menyebabkan pendarahan abnormal pada polip, rahim, dan endometriosis.

2. Makanan manis.

Resiko ketidak suburan dapat meningkat dikarenakan makanan yang mempunyai kandungan gula yang tinggi. Misalnya kue beras, donat, bagel, labu, Nasi putih, dan cornflakes.

3. Produk kafein,
Kopi yang mengandung kafein dapat menyebabkan kemandulan pada wanita jika mengonsumsi 300 gr kopi perhari maka bagi Anda seorang wanita hindari konsumsi kopi atau minuman berkafein secara berlebihan!

4. Daging dan telur mentah.
Makanan yang mentah atau makanan yang tidak dimasak dengan benar mengandung bakteri yang bebahaya bagi kesuburan wanita misalnya bakteri salmonella.

5. Makanan dengan lemak jenuh.
Lemak jemuh dapat ditemukan pada coklat hitam, mentega, keju, minyaj dan kelapa. Jadi jangan terlalu sering mengonsumsi makanan yang mengandung lemak jenuh.

6. Minuman beralkohol.
Alkohol sama dengan yang telah dijelaskan sebelumnya pada penyebab mandup pada pria.

Ciri-ciri mandul pada pria dan wanita

Untuk Pria
Sperma yang berkualitas baik:
  1. Volume antara 2-5ml.
  2. Warna putih keruh dengan kekentalan yang normal
  3. Mencair kurang dari satu jam jika berada diluar organ reproduksi.
  4. Mempunyai aroma yang khas bukan bau busuk.
Untuk wanita
  1. Nyeri haid yang diluar kebiasaan; 
  2. Endometriosis; 
  3. Penyakit radang panggul 
  4. Keguguran lebih dari sekali.